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" I have always loved Japanese Maples.  My parents had one in their front yard for years when they lived in Southern Ontario and I was always in awe of it every time I went to visit. It was a dissectum...meaning that it had lacy leaves. It was also dark red...almost a wine colour. I found out years later it was a Burgandy Lace.  Ever since seeing it I wanted one or two someday. Well that someday has come.  My first Japanese Maple grown from seed was a Burgandy Lace. Now I am attempting to grow all sorts. I still have an affinity for the dissectums be they red, green or any colour in between."  - Kevin Cook
Watch for our updated website with over 50 types of Japanese Maples for sale this spring!!!!!!!!
Note: Any of our seedlings are just seedlings grown from the seed of the named cultivar.  That means that they will not be an exact duplicate of their parent.  However, with luck you will get some seedlings that will look a lot like their parent cultivar or have unique characteristics of their own (that is how new cultivars are found!). I try to only keep seedlings that resemble their parent. 
For information on how to PLANT your Japanese Maple go to "Planting Instructions", where there are specific instructions tailored to Japanese Maples.

Japanese Maple Assorted Special 

                                                                  $Price                  Availability

5 random seedlings  (some dissected some not)     40.00                        25                   *See Note at top re: seedlings