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  24202 Hwy 2, Norboro, PEI, Canada

Our website is now up to date with 2018 products!  You may start ordering now!
Spring has almost sprung!  .....
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Closed for US sales for 2018 as our distributor moved.  Looking for a new US distributor .....are you my next distributor if so contact me by email.
We are located at 24202, Hwy 2 outside of Kensington 
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Our location: 24202 Hwy 2, Norboro PEI.  Our phone number is
902-836-2044 or my cell 902-439-6104. For Emergency you show up and have made our place part of your me 902-439-6104 (if I am not home) and I will try my best to accommodate your needs.

If you have lost a loved one or wish to celebrate a wedding or birth we will help you plant a memory with our commemorative trees and shrubs.
Spring has almost sprung and now is the time to order for your 2018 gardening needs. So order now before what you want is gone.
We are now offering delivery/planting services...just ask.
Tree/shrub of the week! 

Black Locust " Purple Robe"
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 tree     20 gallon        40mm                                   195.00         0   
tree      16 gallon        35mm                                  150.00          1              New
null If you're looking for something spectacular and exotic that is extremely easy to grow, be the first one in your town to showcase this tree on your lawn. This member of the pea family features bluish, fern-like, compound leaves made up of rounded oval leaflets. In late spring, when the foliage is still a fresh apple green color, dark pink wisteria-like clusters of blooms hang gracefully from the new branches. Their strong and sweet fragrance of honey and roses attracts insect pollinators in droves while the bright pink appeals to hummingbirds. Scarce, 4-7 cm knobby and leathery seeds pods persist on the trees through the winter, adding to interest.
The fast-growing tree has a semi-columnar habit, up to 15 m, and casts a light shade, which makes is ideal for planting in areas where grass or ornamental plants are to be grown beneath the canopy. These same qualities can be exploited when making a multiple-trunk planting.
Very tolerant of poor, dry and compacted soils once established, it is often used in xeriscaping.  
One of our biggest sellers last year...I have 2 myself!
Scientific Name: Robinia pseudoacacia 'Purple Robe'
sun:    sun/part sun
height:    20-40ft
width :   20-30 ft
growth rate:     fast
hardiness:     zones 3-8(9)
soil:     well drained soils
flower:     dark pink
seed:    pods
foliage:    greenish-blue
fall colour:     yellow

Comment: ‘Purple Robe’ is considered to be a very easy-to-grow tree. It thrives in many difficult growing conditions. Violet purple spring flowers make this an interesting tree for the landscape. I have 2....that speaks for itself!


This coming spring will be our 6th year in operation as an Island Tree Nursery! Yes we are excited!~ We have 20 times what we had last year in seedlings, trees, shrubs, and more for sale. 
You asked for it so we got it: We are carrying more fruit trees and more shrubs now. 
Thanks for your patronage last year, our 5th at our new location!!! See you in spring 2016!  You may make online orders anytime.
We are now offering deliver/planting services...just ask.